Road Trippin’ 2008


Well sports fans, here we are in BEAUTIFUL downtown Fallon, Nevada, the hub of fashion and sophistication. No, seriously, I saw a dude with two left feet walking (sorta) down the main drag.

We WERE going to head to Spain and Portugal, rent motorcycles and ride through southern Spain, but the ol’ dollar took a major *&!@ and we decided to see some of our own part of the world instead. And honestly, I don’t know why it took us this long to do it.

With motorcycles loaded, parts of mountain bikes on motorcycle trailor and stuffed in the Yukon along with all our stuff and 3 humans, we set forth on our adventure. “Hey, Sandy, how much stuff are you bringing?”, you may ask. Well, sister, let me tell ya…between snow and 80 degree weather, camping and hoteling, Vegas and dirt, we pretty much brought the entire second story of our house and few things from the downstairs motorcycle/workout/hobby room. Right now I’m sitting at the Best Western hotel computer as the WIFI cable they said “should work”, ahem, does not. Fine. Whatever. Onward we move…

We departed Davis around 4:15PM Thursday, 1 ½ hours later than the planned time…coulda been sooooo much worse. With Jack in his seat happily transfixed on the newly purchased DVD player (the other one OF COURSE crapped out before the trip), a cooler full o’ grub next to him for easy mangia access, we set forth on our journey. Our goal was to get to at least Fallon with our main Friday destination being Great Basin National Park in southeast Nevada. Terry threatened to bring a Geiger counter to Fallon…nice… We rolled into the Best Western to be greeted by Billy Bob and Jed hanging over the railing of the second floor. Billy Bob was wearing no shirt but sportin’ a bee-u-ti-ful farmer’s tan. Jed, on the other hand, was fully dressed but working on his fifth Keystone. Had Terry not been with me, it would’ve been ON!

Now let me tell you how special not only Fallon is, but Nevada as a whole. Not only can you lose your money while drunk (with no woman or hickey to show for your troubles), you can work for a company entitled BJ Inc. You gotta wonder what kinda overbites are floating around THAT secretarial pool. Our Best Western room is done in true Best Western style – clean but questionable. And what is that red stuff on the ceiling? Ick. Man, you have to love Fallon. Not only did we roll in on the first day of the “Llamas & More Llamas Show”, but there’s also a gathering for the National Day of Prayer. And what, you are so asking is scheduled for tomorrow? What could possibly follow today’s lineup? The “Friends of NRA Banquet” is holding their annual feast at the Convention Center. I ask you, how can you NOT dig such a dot on the map?!? I gotta get the fuck outta here… But wait! The “Gun Show” is this Saturday and Sunday! What? You gonna tell ol” Billy Bob and Jed you can’t make it? The Keystone’s on them and they just ripped the sleeves of their new shirts. Classic.

So my friends and acquaintances, I’m off to bed to lull myself to sleep with the sounds of 4X4’s racing on the main drag and coins dropping into the metal bins. Stay well, stay tuned, and stay cool…