2010 Middle America Tour, Days 8 through 10 Denver to Rocky Mountain National Park

I know, I know, I’m so behind on my entries.  But you must realize, I’m riding 5-7 hours a day, unpacking the gear, setting up camp or checking into a Holiday Inn Express, searching for the best/least offensive meal and dealing with a hot, crabby 8 year old.  I do apologize for my tardiness, but there are days I’d rather lay down with a cold brew and watch the latest “Still in Theaters” flick.  Haven’t done that yet but, dammit, […]

2010 Middle America Tour, Days 6 & 7 Moab to Grand Junction

The adventure begins when things stop going as planned I’m sitting outside the laundromat in Estes Park, Colorado, just one mile east of the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Yes, laundry is one of those mindless duties necessary on trips like this because, well, we smell.  But, it does give me time to reflect and spew forth the events of the past several days.  We’re already on day 9, and I’m doing my best to remember everything.  Maybe if […]

2010 Middle America Tour, Days 4 & 5: Cedar City, UT, to Escalante, UT, to Moab, UT It’s About Who You Meet Along The Way

I’m sitting in downtown Denver’s Hotel Monaco remembering all we have experienced and trying to put in all in order.  So many memories already, so much to share.  Okay, here goes something… Cedar City, as you read in the first entry, was a very welcome site as we rolled in soaking wet and FREAKED from the line of storms we encountered.  After a night of bad take-out pizza and no liquor stores in site, my boots STILL weren’t dry.  I […]

2010 Middle America Tour, Day 1-3, A Change In Plans

First of all, a tremendous “Hey!” to all of our followers and a hearty “Welcome to Adventure Trio!” for all of our newbie’s.  I promise you won’t be disappointed but just in case you are, you’re not reading it properly.   Try again but this time with an open mind and a promise to keep reading.  This site is meant to inform, entertain and get you off your bum and outta the house.  There’s a whole world out there waiting to […]