Newport, OR to Astoria, OR to Seattle, WA And it’s who you meet along the way

It’s Tuesday morning around 6:30AM in our favorite hotel in Astoria, Oregon, just under the bridge to Washington.  It’s always a trip to see another state just across the water, knowing that there’s yet another ‘check’ on your list of states.  The boys are still asleep while I steal a little time to spew forth some verbage before we have to jet north.  I can’t wait for Seattle!  It’s one of my top 5 cities ever.  It’s clean, it’s active, […]

Day 2 – Morning of Day 5 Brookings, Oregon to Newport, Oregon “Sometimes you just need to leave the kickstand down an extra day”

Well, good morning kids!  It’s Monday morning (don’t ask me the date), and I’m huddled in my Marmot tent at a campground in Newport, Oregon, just over the hill from the ocean.  (For those of you who placed your bets, the winner was…C: None Of The Above). Large drops of condensation are thumping down on my tent, as the fog is quite thick.  I almost thought it rain…almost.  But knowing how coastal fog looms heavy during the summer months, the […]

Newport, Oregon to Seattle Washington

Astoria to Newport

Vancouver to Whistler B.C.

Pepperwood Farms aka A Visit With An Old Friend

I wish I could pull a Dumbledore and tap my head with my wand and gently pull out my memories, stirring them in a cauldron for all to see.  But alas, I am a mere Muggle and besides, I left the wand at home.  But, I am holding out for a Fairy Godmother store SOMEWHERE along our travels!  I mean, really, if there are stores that sell guns/liquor/fur/fireworks/beef jerky, I think my chances are pretty good. Let me backtrack a […]

Oregon to Vancouver Island B.C. and our stay at “The Farm”

Newport to Astoria