Our 200 Mile Venture DESTINATION: Colorado City, Arizona

WARNING: If any reader is easily offended or nauseated by religion and/or my views regarding freakish hyper-religious sects, please stop reading and I’ll see you back at the next post. If you’re curious, go right ahead. You have been warned and, therefore, it’s your own fault. I’m not responsible for your reaction, only mine. Even before we turned the key on the Yukon to begin our two week journey, I knew of one place I just HAD to visit – […]

Welcome to Zion National Park

This is going to be one of the few times that I will be a girl of a few words. I know, I KNOW, I tend to be a bit wordy (just a tad), but it’s the only way I can convey/describe/spew forth what’s rolling around in my brain. Those of you who know me well know this to be true…and then some… Having said (typed?) that, I’d really like to show you a shitload of pictures with some descriptions […]

The Great Basin Adventure

Hey kids! Sitting here in hotel room enjoying some Peet’s made with the JetBoil (Yes, I know the hotel has its own coffee and coffee maker, but you know it sucks!). Terry left at deer-thirty this morning for a 4 hour motorcycle dirt venture, Jack is beginning to stir, and I’d better spew forth some words before I’m hit by Hurricane Jack. Saturday afternoon we took the motorcycles out for the maiden journey. We’re only about 6 miles from the […]

Road Trippin’ 2008, Day 3 1/2 – Our First Day in The Dirt

Morning…OW! Where IS that 800 mg. Motrin bottle? A long night in the tent with only 1 ½ inches of foam between you and the ground can make one a little bit bitchy. Not to worry, though, we’re barely into our trip. It can only get better, eh? Not so fast there, snack shack. Let me first update ya’ll on the past 24 hours… It was quite an awesomely beautiful ride out of Fallon. Heading east on Highway 50, we […]

Road Trippin’ 2008

Well sports fans, here we are in BEAUTIFUL downtown Fallon, Nevada, the hub of fashion and sophistication. No, seriously, I saw a dude with two left feet walking (sorta) down the main drag. We WERE going to head to Spain and Portugal, rent motorcycles and ride through southern Spain, but the ol’ dollar took a major *&!@ and we decided to see some of our own part of the world instead. And honestly, I don’t know why it took us […]