Urban Adventure Race part 2

The Day of the Adventure Race March 2007 So when one gets bored with conventional races (i.e. 10k’s, half marathon’s, blah, blah, blah), what does one venture to next? Or should I type ‘adventure’ to next? Ever heard of adventure racing? I know some of you have (Austen, Lew, Taryn). And the rest of you? Think running, mountain biking, orienteering, puzzle solving, rock climbing all on a fat ol’ dose of steroids. Piqued your interest, haven’t I… So Taryn and […]

Urban Adventure Race, Scottsdale Arizona

300 Miles on The Motorcycles March 2007 Welcome, sports fans, to another addition of “Sandy Tries to Kill Herself”. Yes, the year started off with a whizz-bang. No, seriously, we had to pee in the middle of a cactus field, but more on that pleasant topic later… Remember my new companion-in-pain, Taryn? Well, she and I decided that a marathon just wasn’t going to do it this time around. (Come on, really. How much fun is it to run in […]