You Can Go “Home”…if only for a few hours

Hola and welcome adventure fans to another exciting excerpt of “When Life Interferes With Living”. I’m your host, Bitchy McBitchy, here trying to figure out how the hell I’m going to ever find those FUCKING emails I lost in my attempt to convert my life from PC to Mac. Why, why, WHY do I accept these challenges? Because I have a husband that can save my ass whilst I prepare us for our next great adventure challenge. Thank god our […]

First Water Crossing of 2009

Hey Adventure Trio Fans! I know, I know, I’m a little in getting in a story about a March event.  Hey, things have been busy! Having been stuck in some murky situations, Terry and I wanted to wait until at least March before tackling some of the more technical roads as the mud and deep rivers can REALLY get you stuck in a pretty heinous position. And having done a Superman off the front of my bike while trying to […]