Montana, Wyoming, & Utah

DEET, Feet and Karma   Before I begin, I’d to give Terry full credit for the first 2/3 of this entries title.  (The “Karma” once again came into play on our way to Logan, Utah.  More on that one later.) After spending some quality time with my boys holed up in one tent while the sky opened up with HUGE drops of condensation and a 4th of July light show, we’ve come to the conclusion that we smell, A LOT.  […]

Whistler, B.C to Lake Louise, Alberta to Bozeman Montana

Stellular – Sometimes It’s The Only Word Many lives ago, I worked for a small PR firm back in the hood.  A friend and I could not come up with the proper descriptor for an article we were doing, so we made up our own – stellular.  It’s what works when you’ve exhausted all other possibilities within your thesaurus.  It’s what you go to when mere “excellent” and “awesome” will not work.  You’re free to use it, just please give […]

Vancouver Island B.C. to Whistler B.C.

Education Through Travel I’ve really been grappling with how to write this next entry.  It’s taken me until Monday morning, 4 days later, to sit down and figure out what I want to write and how to write it.  I wasn’t sure why until Terry and I sat down and talked last night.  You see, we spent some quality time with an awesomely cool motorcycle travel family on Vancouver Island.  They have 2 wonderful pre-teen sons (Tanner and Quinton) who […]

Fairmont Hot Springs to Whitefish Montana