Adventure Trio’s Faith In Humanity Tour 2012 3 On 2 For 4 That First Week – Settling In, Checking Out

I did already start a blog entry a couple of days ago but found myself not in the moment.  It felt forced.  A lack of “genuine feeling” was missing.  We are currently in South Fork, Colorado, and the mood has struck.  No inhibitions.  Only a slight filter for the family readers.  Away we go… Those of you who are constantly on the run with work/family/life know how hard it is to allow yourself to “check out”, removing yourself from the […]

Adventure Trio’s 2012 Faith In Humanity Tour: 3 On 2 For 4

    Frantic.  Scattered.  Nervous.  Anxious.  Scared.  Spinning.  Excited.  Prepared.  Ready.  This was our Thursday.  It is just a sample of the feelings that swirled our brains yesterday as we prepare to hit the road for 4 weeks to ride the Great Divide.  It was our last full day to tie up those last minute projects at work and to bang out those emails that really should’ve been sent days ago.   The house?!?  I have to clean the house!  Wait!  […]