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Fleeing The Burbs: Our 2-Wheel Education Chapter 2 “Mainland Mexico: Learning the rules of the road and the way of the people”

By Sandy Borden   When crossing any border, you are immediately met with a whole new set of challenges. Where do I go? Where do I stay? Where do I eat? Why does it appear that there are no rules to passing or turning or even going straight?!? Your education begins now, class. Seasoned travelers know that when entering many countries, especially Mexico, you want to get over the border early, get your paperwork in order, and start heading south. […]

Fleeing the Burbs: Our 2 Wheel Education Chapter 1 “Take off’s are just as hard as landings”

By Sandy Borden None of the members of the Trio really knew or could even grasp just how tricky it would be to leave the familiar. Wait, let me rephrase that… We didn’t know how hard it would be to say goodbye. It really wasn’t about saying goodbye to our home and our ‘stuff’, it was about our friends and family, particularly those who we’re not sure will be there when we get back. My 83-year-old dad and I especially […]