Jack’s chapter 1 Video, Departure

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What We Use

His (Terry & Jack) BMW R1200GS Advenuture   BMW R1200 GS Adventure 2014 BMW Aluminum Panniers (by Touratech) BMW Navigator V GPS Touratech Top Bags Touratech Dry Bags Touratech Tank bag Touratech Crashbar bags Touratech Final Drive Breather Extension Touratech Radiator Guards Blackdog Cycle Works Skidplate Clearwater Auxiliary Lights Delorme InReach GPS Tracker Metzeler Karoo 3 Tires   Hers (Sandy) BMW F800GS Adventure   BMW F800GS Adventure 2014 BMW Panniers (by Touratech) BMW Navigator V GPS Touratech Lid Bags Touratech […]

Fleeing The Burbs: Our Two-Wheel Education Chapter 4: Why didn’t anyone TELL us it was going to be this challenging?!?

I’m sitting this morning, sipping Guatemalan coffee on the couch of a friend’s house, just me and the cat wondering what the day will bring.  I know what we HAVE to accomplish this lovely Saturday, but there are too many things yet to do; finding Jack a new pair of shoes is one of them.  This is one of the first mornings I have been upright before 8AM.  It’s not because I’m lazy or on “vacation”.  The truth?  This family […]

Fleeing The Burbs: Our 2-Wheel Education Chapter 2 “Mainland Mexico: Learning the rules of the road and the way of the people”

By Sandy Borden   When crossing any border, you are immediately met with a whole new set of challenges. Where do I go? Where do I stay? Where do I eat? Why does it appear that there are no rules to passing or turning or even going straight?!? Your education begins now, class. Seasoned travelers know that when entering many countries, especially Mexico, you want to get over the border early, get your paperwork in order, and start heading south. […]

Late day ride