Day 12 to 14 – Astoria to Mt. Hood, Oregon

After the clothes were washed, the bellies fed and the stuff sacks stuffed, we headed outta the Holiday Inn Express in Astoria, our sites set on Mt. Hood.  Where in Mt. Hood?  Not sure yet, but with the bikes full of clean undies, we were confident that it really didn’t matter where we rolled out our tents.  As long as we were camping, we were all giddy. With only one stop, it took us less than 3 hours to reach […]

Day 11 to 12 – Olympic National Park, A Detour Thru Forks & Onto Astoria

After successfully getting the bikes off the ferry (aka “not dropping them on the ramp”), we found our way onto Highway 101 and headed toward Forks, Washington.  With our sights set on Forks, home of the Twilight phenomenon, we weren’t sure if we’d make it.  The ferry didn’t dock until around 5PM and we were fading fast.  We chose to pull off at the first lodging sign, Log Cabin Lodge at Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park.  What a beautifully awesome […]

Day 7 to 11 – Vancouver Island

Mornin’ kids!  It’s a beautiful, sunshiny day here at Mt. Hood and time for me to finish the chronicles of Canada plus a few other posts.  You must understand that it’s so very tricky for me to remain on top of the website at all times.  If we were traveling by car, I could plug into an inverter and spew forth verbage all the live long day.  But since we’re spending an average of 5 hours a day on the […]

Day 7 to 11 – The Road to Canada is Paved in Manure (But The Blueberries Grow Nicely)

We left Seattle on a not so typical sunny morning.  Do we really have to leave now?  The impending traffic battle was upon us, so we knew we had to hit the road sooner rather than later.  We reluctantly left the security of this awesome city to head north.  Our destination today?  Vancouver or bust!  We did have to do a small stint on Highway 5 to get to Highway 9, our preferred route, avoiding the major border crossing as […]

Day 5 to 7 – Seattle Highlights… There Are No Low-Lites!

As I sit here on the upper deck of the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, all the memories of Seattle come flowing back.  But no more about Canada…I’m getting ahead of myself.  You’re just going to have to wait for that one.  WiFi’s been tricky hence the delay in getting up a new post. There’s so many positive memories about our time in Seattle!  It’s a wonderful city, quite clean with plenty to do for all members of the family.  […]

Day 4 to 5 – Great Wolf Lodge aka My Own Personal Hell

Before I completely bag on our latest venture, I must thank Steve for recommending this place.  It really is a grand place for kids and families.  If you’re of the same ilk as Terry and I, you must first find your “happy place” and the bar, THEN you can sit back and enjoy the ride.  And trust me, there are more twists and turns here than anything we’ve seen behind the windshield… We had a long day on the road, […]

Day 3 to 4 – Brookings, Oregon to South Beach State Park, Oregon

Now is the time to prove everyone wrong.  It IS possible to carry everything you need to survive in the dirt on a motorcycle.  This is how the experience went down. We rolled into South Beach State Park, just south of downtown Newport, after about 4 hours in the saddle.  Not sure what the weather was going to bring, we took a gamble and decided against another night in a hotel.  Aside from room service, the whole hotel experience tends […]

Day 2 and 1/2 of 3 – Benbow to Brookings, Oregon

Well, here I sit in the lobby of Great Wolf Hotel, home of the indoor water slides, overpriced magical wands, sensible haircuts and minivan drivers from around the US.  My kinda place – can’t you just feel the love?!?  Let’s get a recap of how our time was on the road from Benbow to Brookings, shall we? We were fortunate to get a parking space up front at the Benbow Inn, surrounded by a mass amount of Harley’s.  Like I […]

Day 1 Highlights and Lowlights

HIGHLIGHTS Leaving almost on time; entourage of well-wishers in the school parking lot; Valerie with the camera and Ixchelle with the positive words; people coming up to us, stunned faces, asking, “So, you really ARE leaving straight from here?  Now?!?  That’s so cool!” – Kathleen’s was the best; more positive comments about the article; Jack enjoying his new donut La-Z-Boy; missing the rain; rubber side down the whole way; friendly Harley riders in Lake County at Foster’s Freeze; stunning views […]

In T-Minus 10, 9…

Hey kids!  Can you believe that the day has come?  That we’re hours from departure, heading on our longest gig as a trio ever?  Are we STUPID?  Trust me, some of you think we’ve completely lost it while the majority are sitting back, waiting to read what happens next.  And OF COURSE it’s the weekend of the Redwood Run in Garberville.  (Just a little background – the Redwood Run is a mass weekend gathering of Harley riders in Garberville, about […]