Adventure Trio Leaves the Usual and Rides to South America Starting September 2014

Terry, Sandy and Jack Borden (aka The Adventure Trio) have done what many in America may call unusual. In May of 2013, they made the decision to ride their 2 BMW GS motorcycles to South America, departing in September 2014, taking a year and a half to explore a new part of the world. In December 2013, they sold their home in a beautiful suburban neighborhood in their perfect little town, trading their life in the suburbs for a cabin in the mountains. It was time for this family to make a change and show 12-year-old Jack the world beyond maps and the media.

Having done several month-long motorcycle trips since Jack was 6, Terry and Sandy decided it was time to take it to the next level. And, Jack has been on board from the beginning. Leaving behind the baseball games and business meetings, the Borden’s found that they were, actually, much happier out of the suburbs. Why? “I don’t think we ever really fit in here,” says Sandy. Terry expanded, “We found ourselves leaving most every weekend, heading north to our little house in McCloud, California, a life away from the leaf blowers and what we’re told we’re ‘supposed’ to achieve.” Having done everything they were supposed to do, it’s now time for this family to do what they want, making this the best decision for their family. Is this for everyone? “Of course not. But, this is what’s best for our family”, they all answer, almost in unison.

Learning about the world beyond the media is very important to the Borden’s. Jack, having completed a Spanish-immersion elementary school in their former town of Davis, California, has spent most of his 7th grade year in the small K-8 grade school in McCloud. Beginning September 2014, Jack will be home-schooled, learning the history and the culture of every country he visits through Mexico, Central and South America. “Jack has already been exposed to so much beyond the classroom”, says Sandy. “Why not combine traditional schooling with being immersed in other cultures and languages. Can you imagine the how much all of us will have changed when we return?”

And, that’s the lure of the road on 2-wheels. When BMW Motorrad USA learned of their story, they came on-board as a full sponsor as well as many other U.S. and international companies including Touratech USA, Clearwater Lights, Hilleberg Tents and DeLorme Satellite Communicators. Also supporting the Trio on their journey are Schuberth Helmets, GS-911, Baker’s Bacon, Black Dog Cycle Works, Adventure Designs, Giant Loop Moto, Metzeler Tires and McCloud Outdoors.

The Borden’s will leave their home in McCloud in a mere 3 weeks with their ‘official’ 18-month journey beginning on September 28th from the Horizons Unlimited International Travelers meeting in Mariposa, California. They invite any and all fellow wanderers to follow them south to the Mexican border to help begin this next chapter in their lives.

Do the Borden’s see themselves as an inspiration to other families to ‘get up and go’? “I hope so. We only have so many years with our kiddos. Jack is already 12 and all too soon he will be off making his own memories. If we don’t do this now, then when?” answers Terry. Is it scary? “Of course it is! But, isn’t it scarier never having veered from the usual?” says Sandy. And, what’s Jack most excited about? “Just going.” Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

As the Borden family always says, “Don’t ask why, ask why not.” You can follow The Adventure Trio on their journey as well as read their stories on their website,, Facebook,, Instagram ADVENTURE_TRIO, and Twitter, AdventureTrio.