After checking over the previous owner’s repair records, Terry concluded that it was time for Adventure Chik to update some major parts, also known as “Blowing a Large Wad O’ Cash”.  But if we’re going to log 2,500 miles in 2 weeks, it will be money well spent.  A new chain, front and rear sprockets, oil change, and valve adjustment were on tap for the morning.  Thankfully, years ago Terry found a former BMW mechanic, Mike Metts, who knows BMW’s inside and out (and works for cash!)  He a great guy with a fabulous sense of humor.  Hey, he offered to show some plumber’s crack while holding a beer for the camera, just to show how “skilled” he is.  Love it!  Like a lot of us, he loved what he did but determined that working for a large corporation was draining.  Hmmmm, sounds like someone we know, doesn’t it?

It’s always nerve racking seeing your bike it pieces!  You know and trust your mechanic but man, if you happen to lose one bolt or get the chain too tight, you’re not riding as far as you thought.  Have to have faith.

Adventure Chik came out shining on the other end, literally!  The chain is waaaaaay too clean and really needs a fresh coat of Shasta dirt on it.  Not to worry, though, as we’re heading north Memorial Day weekend to test the fire roads and try our hand at more river crossings.  The ride always better when you get muddy!  Cheers to then.