Leaving almost on time; entourage of well-wishers in the school parking lot; Valerie with the camera and Ixchelle with the positive words; people coming up to us, stunned faces, asking, “So, you really ARE leaving straight from here?  Now?!?  That’s so cool!” – Kathleen’s was the best; more positive comments about the article; Jack enjoying his new donut La-Z-Boy; missing the rain; rubber side down the whole way; friendly Harley riders in Lake County at Foster’s Freeze; stunning views coming in to Mendocino County; the smell of wildflowers along the roadside; Jack singing and/or sleeping the entire way; Terry sacrificing his own comfort for Jack (ice pack needed); Jack being a real long distance guy stating, “No, I can tough it out”; thumbs up from other riders; no icky people on the roads; rolling through old growth redwoods (and promising to return in the morning); Confusion Hill; wood carving of Shrek; childhood memories of Benbow; memories of me, Jack and Jen renting the cottage before Jen left for Chicago; seeing the joy on Jack’s face; all the bungee cords doing their job; crossing into Humboldt County and immediately smelling a skunk (get the joke?); remembering to pack everything; having the sting relief pad at the ready; sherry in the room; fabulous dinner in a very old dining room; sharing the evening with my husband and son; Jack tying his first ever cherry stem knot in his mouth;  the duke and duchess seated at the next table; the KTM that came rolling in after us (Tom, wish it was you!); friendly H.A.’s in the parking lot; the good-lookin’ bald guy asleep next to me; the long-haired braces kid in the rollaway on the other side of the room; the room looking like the stuff sacks just spewed forth upon arrival; remembering where I packed my bras (not joking); WiFi; passing full lakes and the Eel River; knowing that we still have over 2 weeks before we’re home.

Jack getting stung by a bee not 30 minutes into our trip; road construction; the smell of rotting roadkill; the lack of bras in Lake County; getting uprighted by the wind in a turn; not being able to take a nap like Jack; rude Harley riders (Hey, we’re all on 2-wheels, right?); we’re out of sherry.

If the lowlights were to outnumber the highlights, then I should just pack it up.  If you don’t get it, you might as well go home.