Hey Adventure Trio Fans!

I know, I know, I’m a little in getting in a story about a March event.  Hey, things have been busy!

Having been stuck in some murky situations, Terry and I wanted to wait until at least March before tackling some of the more technical roads as the mud and deep rivers can REALLY get you stuck in a pretty heinous position. And having done a Superman off the front of my bike while trying to maneuver a hairpin turn AND going downhill AND while sliding in the mud & rocks makes me just a wee bit hesitant.  Call me crazy (Crazy!) but I’m just not up for landing rib-cage first in the rocks…again.

The roads proved to be quite tame for the season (bummer).  Honestly, I really was looking forward to sliding the back end around a bit.  Hey, the only way I’m going to improve as a rider is to forge ahead in difficulty, one mile at a time.  Just wasn’t ready for the challenges the winter months can bring, and I don’t mean just the cold.  That I can handle.  Rushing waters and deep mud, not so much.  But I’m working on it..

The smells of spring never disappoint.  Soft breezes brought in smells of cheery blossoms mixed with fields of sweet peas with a hint of licorice wafting in ever so often.  The flowering bushes were abundant, never disappointing in their awakening dance, welcoming the warmth of the sun.  We could’ve pitched a tent and stayed for days but, alas, we are parents and have to be somewhat responsible.  Somewhat.

So back we went to reality.  Hmmph.  But it’s okay as we know that with every turn of the throttle, there will always be something new down those lonely dirt trails just waiting to be experienced.  Even traveling only 20 miles from home brings a new adventure every time.  Cheers to all.