Hey kids!  Can you believe that the day has come?  That we’re hours from departure, heading on our longest gig as a trio ever?  Are we STUPID?  Trust me, some of you think we’ve completely lost it while the majority are sitting back, waiting to read what happens next.  And OF COURSE it’s the weekend of the Redwood Run in Garberville.  (Just a little background – the Redwood Run is a mass weekend gathering of Harley riders in Garberville, about a mile north of where we’re staying.  I can’t wait for the assless chaps along the way!   Good times.)

I made sure to have us 90% packed by yesterday morning, needing the extra 24 hours to throw in anything that I may have missed.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter how many lists you make, you’re always bound to forget something, right?  Ask yourself how many times you made sure the family had their toothbrushes yet yours seemed to go POOF upon arrival at your destination.  Today is also Jack’s last day of school so I had to make sure to have something for the fiesta potluck (thanks, Valerie, for pointing out the watermelon that I almost sent you home with).  I swear, if I only had a brain…  We plan on rolling up to the school, ready to go, between 11:30 and noon to join in the festivities, thank the teacher for  not strangling our son on many an occasion, get Jack in his gear and GO!

So before I end this entry, I’d like to hand out some  kudos to those who have helped us get to this point:  our families for making sure we stayed slightly cuckoo, enabling us to not question what the hell it is we’re getting ourselves into; Debbie Davis for letting me write the article (front page, no less…awesome) and having faith in what I had to say; Tom for lending us the extra head cam; Taryn for watering the plants and checking the house; Valerie for watching Jack when we were running around in circles; our Facebook Adventure Trio fans for the positive words and support; all those who’ve stopped me on the street and/or sent me emails telling me how they feel inspired by what we’re doing (just knowing at least one person has been positively affected makes it all worth it); and to my husband and son for going along with my desire to flee, no matter how much work it is to get to this point.  Like Terry says, we make it look easy, but we’re really that duck gliding beautifully along the water – it’s calm on the surface but paddling like hell underneath.