Hola and welcome adventure fans to another exciting excerpt of “When Life Interferes With Living”. I’m your host, Bitchy McBitchy, here trying to figure out how the hell I’m going to ever find those FUCKING emails I lost in my attempt to convert my life from PC to Mac. Why, why, WHY do I accept these challenges? Because I have a husband that can save my ass whilst I prepare us for our next great adventure challenge. Thank god our talents are the opposite side of the brain from one another.

I keep trying to get myself to import photos from the end of 2008, but so much LIFE keeps interfering that my time in front of old files is limited these days. So instead of trekking upon old ground, let’s dive right in to the first beautiful ride of the spring training season, shall we?

On a gorgeous Northern California Saturday (last weekend) we headed to Doran Beach in Bodega Bay. Terry rode out on his 1150 GS Adventure – a grand 2 1/2 hour ride from home through sweeping redwood tree-lined turns and lush green hillsides. I took the marital high road and insisted that he ride and I follow in the Yukon with Jack and all our gear. Aren’t I a fabulous spouse? No, just one who knows when her husband needs some alone time without the bother of phone or noise.

We stayed the weekend at Fernando’s Bed and Breakfast. Haven’t been there before? Just know that you have to go. Don’t like B&B’s? Us either! But this is an anti-B&B. Fernando, his wife, Marivone and daughter, Sammy, make you a part of their family. Every morning you are welcomed with a latte, an omelet made with eggs from his hens, maybe even some french toast. Don’t want to go into town for a crappy, expensive meal? He’ll make one for you, costing only a mere fraction of the touristy restaurants. The wine flows freely, the conversation is never forced and the amenities supersede your expectations. Check them out, www.fernandosbedandbreakfast.com. Tell them the adventure motorcycle family sent ya…just don’t take my room! Anywho, where was I…oh ya…

So, all work and no play makes Jane a very dull girl. Jane gotta get out da hood and NOW! Suburbia’s makin’ her crazy! So yesterday, off I went for a 220 mile getaway. West. I wanted the valleys, the mustard fields, 15 mile/hour turns. And so I rode with my camera and burning determination. I was going to ride “home”. I wanted to see and smell all that I have missed while living in this flat, mountainless plain. First to Pope Valley, via Terry’s recommendation from his ride a week earlier. It was stunning, but I craved more. A quick stop in Calistoga at Buster’s BBQ for some grub and I was rejuvinated. Haven’t been to Buster’s? What?!? And you call yourself a local…

Now, be honest, aren’t you a little teary eyed? Yup, I thought so. I couldn’t get enough of it. I could’ve laid in the field and made a mustard angel it was that spectacular. I never appreciated the natural beauty of this area until I moved away. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? Seems to happen to most of us when we leave our comfort zone in search of a new home. No matter what, your roots begin to call you back, if only just for a few hours. I can’t help but well up as I type this.

Eventually, though, we must all fly the nest yet again and return to our new home. But no one said I had to take the easy way back. Along Silverado Trail I meandered, not once getting stuck behind a tourist or wine snob. Up and over Deer Park, swaying from side to side as the road carved it’s way through the mountain range. Had to stop in Angwin for a fuel, but not to worry. It wasn’t a Sunday so the gas station was open for business. (Seriously, have you ever rolled through Angwin on a Sunday? It’s a latter day saints town. I bet you any amount of money that on a Sunday you won’t find an open store or a live person ANYWHERE on the streets. They’re all in church for their weekly brain freeze.) Down Howell Mountain Road, through the back side of Pope Valley, to the northern part of Lake Berryessa and on to home.

And one more thing…if you’re ever rolling along Highway 28 through Calistoga, you MUST stop at Buster’s for a plate of BBQ.  The outside grill is always going with fresh meats ready to be topped with mild or hot sauce.  If you like having nasal passages in tact, I suggest the mild BBQ sauce.  A side of beans and a cold Sierra Nevada make this the perfect road meal.

And just how perfect of a ride was it? I got to be in my head for over 5 hours; every car pulled over to let me by; and the CHP near Berryessa didn’t even pull me over for speeding. He just waved at me to slow down for which I did, giving him a ‘thank you’ wave for being, well, human. Maybe he knows what it’s like to have to flee the usual and check out for a few hours.

Away I will go again very soon. And I promise to take you with me…