It’s never a good thing when you pull up to the house 10 days before you get the hell outta dodge and your husband in furiously searching his motorcycle for something.  No sir, not good.  The theory?  The seam had given way.

Jack and I got out of the Mini and I cautiously asked Terry what was up.  “I have a gas leak somewhere.”  You have a WHAT?!?  No, no, no, no, no!  Still standing in a state of “oh shit”, Terry had to remind me to grab the camera.  In situations such as these, I know to take some pics, offer help and STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE!  You see, this oh so shitty dilemma could cost us our 2-week trip.  Not cool.  Now we start running our options.

Terry was quickly on the horn with A&S BMW in Roseville.  No, they don’t stock tanks for a 1150 GS Adventure.  Could Terry run it up there so they could check it out and see what’s what, maybe come up with a solution.  Come on up!  They, too, don’t want to see us have to postpone our Canada ride.  And we have a photo shoot on Monday!  Shit!  So Terry loaded up the seeping tank into the Yukon and headed out into rush hour, Friday afternoon traffic, braving the 45 minute in the name of “wanting to get this handled ASAP”.  But we have tickets to the Rivercats game, and good seats!  He promised to meet us there.

Well, good news and bad news.  No, they don’t have a spare.  If they order one from Germany it will take a minimum of two weeks as it gets hung up in customs for 8-10 days.  No working around that one.  Thanks!  BUT, there’s a chance the inside of the tank could be sealed AND there’s tank (although pretty beat up) for sale on Adventure Rider.  Okay.  So we have options.  Better than waiting for Germany!

Terry made it in time for the game.  And while Jack and I hung by the dugout for signatures, Terry was furiously dialing and searching the internet for even more back up plans.  Options.  Always have to have more than one option, remember that.  By the time Jack and I got back to our seats, Terry had already “purchased” the dented tank from the guy in Berkeley (thanks for being so close!) and was discussing the sealer option with his mechanic, Mike.

Whoa! Look at the time!  I have to make dinner….sorry to leave ya hangin’ but I gotta go!  Will finish tomorrow…cheers!  Check out the pics!